Protect your skin from the effects of air pollution

From the moment we step out of our homes, our skin is exposed to smog, dust, and other particulates in the air that ruins your skin. All these doesn’t just sit on the surface of your skin griming it up like it would a windshield, but go deep into your pores causing inflammation, eruptions, and dehydration and leading to a loss of elasticity and firmness in the long run.

If you’ve been working out in the evening after your long day at the office, maybe it’s time you did your workout in the morning when the pollution levels are slightly lower. If you aren’t able to change the time you work out, choose an indoor location or look at a park, where pollution levels are lower.

However tired you are at the end of the day, make sure you wash your face thoroughly to reduce the burden pollutants put on your skin. You don’t want to go to bed with your make-up, dirt, excess oils and any chemicals that you come into contact with during the day. Thorough cleansing removes this surface residue, but it’s a great idea to give your face another quick wash. This way, you can be sure that you removed all the surface impurities and have thoroughly cleaned your skin.

For the sake of your skin, get that extra hour of ‘zzzz’ every morning, to avoid being in pollution-heavy areas during rush hour. The more automobiles on the road, the more pollution you’ll be exposed to. It’s as easy as that. Boss not so flexible with timing? Leave an hour earlier.

When you step out of home, you’re exposing your skin to the harmful particles present in the air. It’s a great time to style in those lovely long sleeve blouses. Not only do you look great, but you’re keeping your skin safe from the harmful particles in the air. There is never a reason not to wear sunscreen when going outside! It doesn’t just protect you from the harmful UV rays, but is also your personal shield from pollution.

Drink a couple more glasses of water every day to keep your body and skin in great shape. The more water you drink, the better hydrated your skin, the more you’re likely to sweat and keep the pollutants out. Fruits too add to the hydration quotient.